This is a partial list of results we have received on behalf of our clients. The results set forth here are based on the merits and facts of that particular case, and should not be considered a guarantee of future results.

Pedestrian Injury

$825,000 Settlement for a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a recycling truck.

Motorcycle Accident

$415,000 settlement for a woman who suffered facial injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation Program

Acceptance into the Accelerated Pretrial Rehabilitation Program for a client who was charged with more than 60 felony drug counts.  The client was spared any jail time and will have a clean criminal record upon successful completion of the Program.

Motor Vehicle Accident Arbitration Award

$280,000 arbitration award for a young boy who suffered back and abdominal injuries in a motor vehicle accident.  Fortunately, the boy made a full recovery.

3rd Degree Assault Dismissed

Dismissal for a client charged with 3rd degree assault.  A conviction would have carried a one year jail sentence which could not be suspended or reduced.

Rear-end Car Accident Settlement

$225,000 settlement for a 70 year old man who suffered back injuries after being involved in a low-impact, rear-end car accident.

Breach of Contract Judgment

$117,000 judgment for a client in a breach of contract case stemming from the sale of her house.  Client was awarded the full amount she claimed she was owed, plus interest and attorneys fees.

Suspended License Charge Dismissed

Dismissal for a client charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended license.  The charge carried a minimum 30 day jail sentence for a conviction.

Divorce and Custody Case Success

Numerous successful outcomes for clients involved in divorce and custody cases.