Bicycle Accidents Lawyer

Bicycle Accidents Lawyer New Haven

As with motorcycle operators, bicyclists are especially vulnerable out on the road. Accidents that may not cause injuries to the occupants of an automobile could prove fatal to a bicyclist. Even in non-fatal collisions, broken bones, head injuries, and/or paralysis may result.

In serious bicycle accidents, it is particularly important to have an experienced attorney who can prove both fault and the severity of the injuries. In some cases, victims may not notice even serious injuries immediately following an accident. Victims with mild traumatic brain injuries, for example, often have no observable injuries.  While such brain injury victims may appear unhurt, they are often completely changed by the accident. They can be plagued with symptoms such as memory loss and difficulty focusing. These cognitive symptoms can in turn lead to serious and permanent emotional and psychological issues.

The attorneys at Dolan Injury Lawyers are experienced in representing clients who have been seriously injured in bicycle accidents.. If you have been injured as a result of such an accident, call Dolan Injury Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation.