Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and Fall Lawyer New HavenA slip and fall is a specific type of premises liability case.  As the term implies, slip and fall cases occur when a person slips on a particular substance or liquid, and subsequently falls and gets injured.  Slip and falls often occur outside during winter when temperatures are low.  Poorly shoveled walkways that are not treated with sand or salt are a major contributor to slip and fall injuries.  Slip and fall accidents are also relatively common in grocery or department stores.  Often, water or other liquids will end up on the floor and will never be cleaned up.  As a result, someone may fall and get hurt.

As with other premises liability cases, slip and fall cases can be difficult cases to prove.   Whereas it is almost always clear who is at fault in a rear-end car accident, defense attorneys will often try to pin blame on the injured party in a slip and fall case.  For example, defense attorneys may argue or insinuate, sometimes without a basis, that the plaintiff was not paying attention to their surroundings when they were injured.

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