Premises Liability Lawyer

Premises Liability Lawyer New HavenPremises liability cases involve situations in which someone is injured as a result of a defect on another’s property.  Premises liability cases are generally brought against the landowner where the injury occurred, which can be a private individual, business, and/or a town or city.  Examples of defects in premises liability cases include uneven sidewalks, broken steps and unsafe handrails.

Premises liability cases are usually more difficult cases to prove than those involving car accidents.  Whereas it is almost always clear who is at fault in a rear-end car accident, defense attorneys will often try to pin blame on the injured party in a premises liability case.  For example, defense attorneys may argue or insinuate, sometimes without a basis, that the plaintiff was not paying attention to their surroundings when they were injured.

Premises liability cases can be especially difficult against a town or city.  Often, an injured party or their attorney is required to inform the town/city of their intention to bring a claim within 90 days of the fall.  Furthermore, the injured party often must prove that the town/city was the “sole proximate cause”, i.e. 100% to blame for the plaintiff’s injuries.  This can be a very difficult burden to overcome, so it is important to have competent representation when bringing a premises liability case against a municipality.

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